Book Review: ‘Warrior of the Nile’ by Veronica Scott


Veronica Scott – “Warrior of the Nile (The Gods of Egypt)” £1.28

I did not want this book to end!

I have always loved the Egyptian Gods and a good romance story, so put the two into the one book and what do ya get? You get The Gods of Egypt series 😀

Warrior of the Nile is the story of Tiya & Khenet and the Gods & Goddesses that they worship.

Khenet is asked by the Pharoh to undertake a task that will have a fatal ending. Khenet agrees to take on the task, although dying is not the ending he is planning.
Tiya is a daughter of the Goddess Nephthys and of her own free will, steps forward to accept orders from her Goddess.
Both become pawns in a Goddess’ desire to stop another God from entering Egypt.

Join Khenet & Tiya as they start a journey dictated by a Goddess, filled with peril and a blossoming love filled with despair.
Meet the Gods & Goddesses who inspired such devoted faithfulness from their worshippers.

Veronica Scott writes a story that you cannot help but enjoy, so download a copy and see for yourself 😀

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