Book Review: ‘A Construct Of Angels’ by Andrew Toynbee

construct of angels***I was gifted a copy of this eBook by the author in exchange for an honest review***

Nicknamed “Jinx” by her work colleagues, Sara Finn is a paramedic/ambulance driver with a boss that likes to make her working life a misery.
We meet Sara as she enters the mortuary to identify a body of a man that she prays is not her brother who went missing when he was nine years old. As she examines the body, Sara’s senses tell her there is a spark of life floating beyond the reach of a normal human’s senses.

The story is based over 6 days and follows Sara as she tries to understand her position in the war that’s brewing between Michael and the Aryan. A war that humans are caught in the middle of.

‘A Construct Of Angels’ makes for a really good read, but it’s not the kind of book that’s classed as a “light read”. I found myself wondering about the hows and whys in certain parts of the story that I felt were never fully explained, which meant the story didn’t flow as smoothly for me as I would have liked.

Disappearing accident victims, zombies, an Angel that cries golden tears and an enemy that loves to torment. There are plenty of different characters in this story. Some of who the main cast interact with more than others.

Annoying: I did find it irritating how Sara would correct Michael’s way of talking. I just thought it was unnecessary, especially when Michael then kept correcting his own speech. It’s not like he was using the wrong words.

Confusing: As I said above, I did find some parts of the story confusing especially because they weren’t explained untill much further into the book. I personally think the structure of some of the events should probably have been thought out a bit more before it was published – but that is my own opinion.

Overall: By the end of the book, I had quite enjoyed the story and I was quite keen to see how it ended and yeah, I’d probably read the rest of the series at some point. So, bearing all that in mind, 3.5 Shamrocks for ‘A Construct Of Angels’.

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D'eBook's 3 Shamrock Rating

D’eBook’s 3 Shamrock Rating


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