Book Review: “A Beautiful Mess” by T.K. Leigh

UK – £1.88

“This is how “Fifty Shades of Grey” SHOULD have been written!!” was my first thought when I finished reading this book.  From the first to last chapter, to the very last word, I was sucked into T. K. Leigh’s “A Beautiful Mess”.

Olivia Adler is a bit of a fitness fanatic who doesn’t do relationships. She has bed partners, on her terms. An old college friend rescues her from a very unpleasant moment with her current bed partner and her love for music is rekindled.

Alexander Burnham is a man who is once again haunted by a dream that he had hoped had stopped.  Out for a walk to clear his head after the dream, he hears a woman scream and within minutes, Alexander becomes Olivia’s saviour.
He is reminded of a girl he once knew, a girl he had been told was dead. She feels calm in his presence although she has no idea why.

With characters that are easy to believe in, easy to love and easy to hate. A story line that is filled with anger, pain, love, jealousy; “A Beautiful Mess” is full of intrigue, lust, seduction and lots of other emotions.  T. K. Leigh has created a world that I was quite happy to allow myself get sucked right into.
I honestly cannot think of anything bad to say about this book. The fact that I am about to read it again for the second time speaks for itself.


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