Book Review: “Wolverine’s Daughter”


Doranna Durgin – “Wolverine’s Daughter

Kelyn is my type of girl – feisty, willing to help the underdog anywhere she goes, bouts of clumsiness (I can relate to that LOL), able to fight (wish I could do half of what she can do!)

Kelyn grows up not knowing her father, she just knows of him. After her mum passes away, she goes on a journey to “find herself”. She rescues some children and tags along with their group of Traders for a while. She finds that their culture and people are vastly different to her own and some of what they do and how they act leave her somewhat puzzled. It’s these differences that kick start the troubles and Kelyn decides to help correct her mistakes, whether that help is wanted or not.

During her “adventure” she finds her father, albeit not in the way she thought she’d find him. What follows is like a light comedy as Father and Daughter try to forge a relationship. Her father doesn’t believe she is his daughter and she doesn’t believe that her father is the type of man he is. By the end of the book, this relationship is solidified and things are starting to look up between them.

I loved this book, from start to finish. I loved reading about Kelyn and her clumsiness, the relationships she forms with characters in the book along the way. Hopefully there’ll be more books about Kelyn’s adventures as I’d love to read them.

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