Book Review: ‘Kissed By A Dark Prince’ by Felicity Heaton


Kissed By A Dark Prince” is a paranormal story written by Felicity Heaton and devoured eagerly by readers like me.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

“Olivia tracked the symbols with her fingertips, following them as they formed a curl over his deltoid to his shoulder“

Olivia works for Archangel, a demon hunting organisation. A personal choice leads to her demotion and she gets sent to work in a London based facility. When a specimen she has never encountered before ends up on her examination table, she struggles to control her excitement and her wandering eyes.

“Specimen is male, estimated six – feet – six, one hundred and eighty to two hundred and twenty pounds. Black hair.”

Loren wakes up, badly beaten, to find himself in an unknown place and first sets his eyes on Olivia, and he needs fluids. Not just any fluids will do, and he drinks Olivia’s blood. Loren has spent centuries battling his enemy and now has the added complication of a blood bond with a furious Olivia. Both seek a way to end the bond before Olivia gets caught in the crossfire of a fight she knew nothing about.

Elves, Vampires, witches and more come to life in this steamy, action – packed novel. Read on as Felicity Heaton’s words describe a new kind of armour and a personal guard/ body guard/ mother hen called Bleu.

What I liked: I liked the way the blood bond was woven into the story and how much it played a major part in the story. I also liked the way the female’s part in the bond is slightly different than normal. The characters were all very well written. I didn’t come across any that looked as if they were hastily written just to fill a gap.

I loved how Loren and Olivia struggled with the blood bond and the reluctance they portrayed to continue with it although the lust filled chapters tell a different story 😀
What I disliked: The fact the story ended LOL. I could have just kept reading about Loren and Olivia and the supporting characters.

5 book

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