Book Review: ‘Secrets’ by Barbara Winkes


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I have to admit that “Secrets” doesn’t fall into my usual reading genre, however, Barb Winkes had donated a copy as a prize in a competition I had entered and was lucky enough to win.

I don’t feel that I appreciate or have enough experience with this type of book to do it any real justice, but I’ll rate this story for the story itself, not the genre.
I wasn’t enthralled with the story like I get with the Paranormal Romance (I’m sorry, I just love Vampires etc) but I did get absorbed enough to read the book in two sittings.

What I liked: It was an uncomplicated, easy to follow story. It had twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and it had a romance flowing alongside the mystery. The main characters were easy to keep track of and the background characters filled the story out nicely.

What I didn’t like: that I didn’t appreciate this story as much as I feel I could have, and that’s nothing against Barb Winkes’ book – that’s because of my own personal reading tastes.

Who would I recommend this book to? Anyone that likes mystery & suspense.

All in all, I’m glad I read “Secrets”. It gave me a taste of something outside my reading comfort zone and brightened up a dull dreary day.

Gonna rate this 4 Shamrocks for being an enjoyable read overall.

D'ebook's Rating

D’ebook’s Rating

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