Book Review: ‘Song of Simon’ by C.A Sanders

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***I received a gift copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

First off, if you have a weak stomach then some of the scenes in this book may make you wanna puke…. This book may be in the Fantasy genre but it so is not for the fainthearted.
C.A Sanders did not hold back when he wrote ‘Song Of Simon’ and oh boy, what a massive gem he wrote. I was sent this book a while back to review and I so wish I’d read it before everything else!!

When we first meet Simon, he’s not the kind of guy that you’d particularly remember. By the end of the book, he’s not the kind of guy that’s easy to forget.
Simon becomes the target of Ray, a boy who likes to bully people. During a run in with Ray and his two friends, Simon ends up in the river and ends up in Algavar where he then finds himself being chased by some Oren. He ends up being rescued by some soldiers and from here the story really begins.

Characters: There are a multitude of characters in ‘Song Of Simon’. From Simon himself to Ilyana and Teretha, the two females fighting over the Stag. From the Oren to Ratlings to the Brotherhood of Wolves. From Generals to kitchen boys. There is a big cast in this story and each prominent character really stands out in their own way.

Simon: Throughout the story he grows from a “ghost” who wishes to just blend into the background into a man who battles with his inner rage to become the hero that he is needed to be.

Lady Ilyana: A beautiful young girl who hides with her people in caverns, trying to stay out of the clutches of the Queen of Love and Beauty. A servant of  the Stag, Ilyana uses gem stones (referred to as Sacred Stones) to cast her magic.

Queen Teretha: Known as the Queen of Love and Beauty, Teretha also worships the Stag. Residing in her Great Horned Tower in a place called Gil, Queen Teretha has her men hunting for Lady Ilyana who she calls the Apostate.

For me, Simon, Ilyana and Teretha are the more prominent characters with Simon being the major main character.
There are a few secondary characters who are quite prominent in their own way and for different reasons. Sir Wiktor, Jaym and General Slen being the three that I remember the most about.
Oh and there’s the Old Ones. Now these guys can be friend or foe and you’d better pray they become your friend 😀 There’s a Ghillie Dhu that Simon names Dash – I would LOVE to have a companion like him. You’ll also meet a couple of Voden and they are majorly not happy if you upset them.

Storyline: I couldn’t get enough of this book. Filled with music and magic, bloodshed and friendships, emotion and power, this story is pure Fantasy and it rocks. I don’t want to give any spoilers but as you follow Simon on the path he’s been forced to take, you’ll see how much he changes and grows. Most will be able to relate to the feelings and emotions the poor guy goes through.
I found myself cheering, scowling, feeling slightly ill, aghast and so much more with each chapter.

Favourite Quote: “Dear Jesus, please don’t let me shit myself” ~ Simon
When I read this, I laughed out loud and so hard, I nearly spilled my coffee!

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone aged 16+ who loves Fantasy.
‘Song Of Simon’ is easily in the Top Ten Fantasy books I have read in the past year.  I got totally engrossed in it and was quite surprised at how some things turned out. There was parts that made my stomach churn and there was parts that brought a huge grin to my face. C.A Sanders’ writing makes you feel like you are watching a very well made movie on a big screen, he draws you into Algavar and Gil that much with his descriptions.

My rating: There is no way I can give this book any less than 5 Shamrocks. It has the whole package and I well and truly loved it 😀

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