Book Review: “A First Love Never Dies”


Author: Margaret Taylor.
Price: £1.88.

Janel Canton doesn’t just come back to her home town for her school reunion, she comes back to her home planet. Being back brings back lots of unpleasant memories of her High school years and how she wasn’t one of the “In” crowd. The reunion is the least of her worries though and Janel searches for the one person she came to see.

Sheriff Jake Reeves is doing a routine check on the local bar when he meets a woman that gets his hormones racing. A single father, since his wife passed away, he’s concentrated on his job and son.

“A First Love Never Dies” is a Sci -fi tale with a love story twisted in. Janel has loved Jake since High School and now he has something that she needs. Pursued by a man she has no intentions of marrying, she sets out to get what she needs from Jake, whether Jake wants to help or not.

What I liked: None of the background characters are insignificant in the story. Each one plays their own role and fits in with the plot. The story flows along and makes for some easy and pleasant reading. I enjoyed the characters just as much as I did the plot. With a neat twist at the end, I can’t wait to read the second part of Janel & Jake’s story.
The cover of a book doesn’t sway my decision to read it, but I do really like the cover of “A First Love Never Dies”.

What I didn’t like: Ermmmmm, nothing springs to mind, except maybe the bad guy, but only coz he’s the villian lol.

5 shamrocks from me for an excellent series start.



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