Book Review: ‘Storm Dancer’ by Rayne Hall


Rayne Hall – “Storm Dancer” £1.93

I discovered “Storm Dancer” when I came across Rayne Hall on Twitter. Being nosy, I looked up “Storm Dancer” on Amazon to see if it was worth a read. I read the sample chapter provided and decided to buy it as my attention was captured. At 42 chapters, I was looking forward to curling up on my comfy couch to read this dark fantasy tale.

We are introduced to Daoud and the dark urges that his djinn tempts him with from the start of the book. This djinn taunts Daoud on a daily basis which leave Daoud struggling to control his dark side.
Daoud is summoned by the Consort and ordered to obey the Consort’s demands. Given very little choice, Daoud can only do as the Consort wishes him to do.
Merida hails from the Virtuous Republic of Riverland. Her people are very strict and judge people on their personal values. Merida deems herself a virtuous being and she strives to rid herself of the shame that has befallen her. Something her mother cannot forgive her for.
Follow these two very different characters through a story that will keep you interested from the first chapter right through until the last word. With dangers galore, their journey is an adventurous one to say the least.

From the lowliest character to the two main stars of this book, I ranged through a majority of emotions from happiness to sadness, pride to indignation, shock to glee. Rayne Hall’s “Storm Dance” characters are characters you will either love or hate, but you will not forget them.
When I first read about Merida, I found her to be the most stuck up snob I have ever read about. By the end of the book, my opinion of her had changed drastically. I found myself tsking at Daoud in some parts of the story and hailing him a hero in others. None of the characters are completely innocent, which was a refreshing change.

I wasn’t overly upset or disturbed by the darkness level in the story line but it is a dark fantasy and it will disturb some readers. I would recommend this book to readers of the fantasy genre but I would also recommend it to anyone who likes romance, because there is romance in there, no matter whether it is a dark book or not.

Go on, pick up a copy and read, it’s a well written story with characters you will enjoy meeting.

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