Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Sunshine: The Author’s Edition’ by Alyssa Cooper.

SunshinePurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

When ozone levels plummeted, the world changed. There’s no going back.

This is a world where sunshine can kill. Where there are heavy steel shutters on every window, and underground tunnels for safe passage. Where citizens nourish themselves with synthetic vitamins and rationed food, living a life in darkness, never seeing the sun. Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘The Motel Room: A Ghost Story’ by Alyssa Cooper.

the motel roomPurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

“It’s a strange feeling, to be dead.”

So begins the tale of our Narrator, a ghost clinging desperately to the memory of life.

Since his death, the ghost has been trapped in a motel room, watching the comings and goings of his nightly guests. Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Whispering Peak’ by Alyssa Cooper.

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Book Description:

Martha and her brother, Asher, were born in an Outland village known only as Whispering Peak. They grew up wild and free, passionate children baked brown by the sun. Though they had heard stories of Invictus, the strange, walled city where only the bravest Outlander will travel, they had never seen it for themselves. It loomed in their minds like a fairy tale, too distant to truly be dangerous. Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘The First Unforgiveable Thing’ by Zoe Cannon.

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Book Description:

When a dissident working undercover as an interrogator is ordered to torture a confession from the only girl he’s ever loved, he chooses to defy both the totalitarian regime and the resistance by helping her escape Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Escaping Life’ by Michelle Muckley.

escaping lifePurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

It’s beautiful here. It’s a beautiful place to die.

Since the accident claimed her sister’s life, Haven has been a sanctuary for Elizabeth Green.She has finally found some of the tranquility that she thought had been lost long ago to the past. Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Creators’ by Nicole Ciacchella.

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Book Description:

Creators is a new adult apocalyptic prequel to the Contributor trilogy.

When the imminent collapse of the world’s food system threatens to all but eradicate the human race, it’s up to nineteen-year-old Liang Zhang to determine which of his company’s employees will live and which will die. Continue reading

Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Death’s Twilight’ by A.J Leavens

deaths twilightPurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

The first book of a bold new trilogy by up-and-coming author A. J. Leavens.
In the future, Nuclear War has ravaged the planet. Slade Meechan, an Emissary for iCorps embarks on a Delivery to find Randy Herman – a man who’s escaped from a Penal Territory. Continue reading