Hungry for The Hunger Games.


Last year when my 12 year old son told me that he’d read the Hunger Games books, I was curious as to what they were like so I searched Amazon to see what they were about. When I read the blurbs and reviews, I decided to read them myself and I was soon engrossed with Katniss and her adventures. By the time I’d read all three books, I’d gone through a multitude of emotions.

In March 2012  The Hunger Games hit the UK cinemas. Now, me personally, I prefer books to films. There are very few books that I feel are successfully transferred from pages to the screen. There is however two books that were made into really good films: “Kiss The Girls” & “Along Came A Spider”

The second film, Catching Fire,  is now out in the cinemas. Chances are I won’t get to the cinema to see it so I may have to wait for it to come out on DVD.
I’m also pretty sure that I had the first film on DVD but after searching my DVD shelves, it seems I was wrong. Which is a shame coz I fancied watching it tonight 😦


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