Promoting Author Lindy Spencer!

I’ve been in contact via Facebook with Lindy for about a year now. I “met” her through a nook/kindle group that a mutual friend had set up and it’s from there I was introduced to Lindy’s work. She is the author of two books now and has written some stories for other books (if I remember correctly).
Lindy is the kind of author who interacts with her fans on Facebook via her Author page on an almost daily basis and some of her posts would make make you giggle. Okay, they make me giggle :p


About Lindy Spencer:
Taken from her website:
Hello, Lindy Spencer here – between the home life of taking care of a husband and dog, and jugglling spending time with the kids, grandkids, photography, and writing another book, I stay pretty busy!
For years my main focus was family. When the kids grew up and moved out of the house, it became much quieter around here. I found there was more time than I knew what to do with, and an idle mind is the perfect playground for a budding writer. My first novel, The Boomerang Effect, built an entire town as well as the characters in it – some of which left their lives a bit earlier than they’d planned, but hey, that’s how a good murder mystery goes, never know who will be standing when the last page flips!”

Lindy lives with her hubby somewhere in the USA. She works full time and manages to squeeze being an author into her busy days. Lindy can be contacted on FaceBook, Twitter and Goodreads via the following links:

FaceBook: Author Page.
Goodreads: Lindy Spencer.
Twitter: @_Lindy_Spencer

Lindy also has a blog on Goodreads that she tries to keep updated when she can. Here’s an excerpt from that blog:

Lindy Spencer’s Blog: Is This Thing On?

December 27, 2013

Era, year-a, potato potahtoh. Any way you slice it, the year is almost over. Once again, I’m not sure where it went. Last time I looked, we were mid-summer.

Christmas has come and gone, and with New Years Eve right around the corner I can’t help but wonder what 2014 will bring. With any luck, we’ll see wonderful things ahead.

Does anyone have any leftover goodies from their holiday gatherings? I’ve got a hankerin’ for chocolate.

In years past, I’ve made resolutions. This year we’ll have none of that. I’ve found, and this could just be me, that they tend to set me up for failure. This year I’m going to try not to do that to myself. I have no need for the guilt build-up!! 

Are you setting resolutions for yourself? Do you usually succeed? 

I’ve given myself a few more days off from writing. Come January, I’ll be back at it, working hard on the sequel to The Boomerang Effect. My readers have asked for it, so I’m going to give it to them. Have you read The Boomerang Effect? Are you in the “give us the answers” camp or the “life is messy, the book was great as-is” sector?

So many questions rattling around in my head. 🙂

Here’s wishing each of you a very prosperous new year. Let’s make this a year to remember!!

Book Buying Links:
“The Boomerang Effect”:
Barnes & Noble

“Between The Devil and the Darkness”:
Barnes & Noble


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